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A New Beginning...

Whether you are just browsing or in the process of choosing a therapist, you are one step closer to making a commitment to yourself.

Therapy is an evolving process that focuses on identifying the conflict, removing obstacles and finding resolution to the challenges, internal conflicts, and psychological distress that we all experience at times in our lives. Many of these obstacles result from early developmental deficits and wounding. As humans we adapt to what our lives present us. These adaptations work in the beginning but often become mal-adaptive over time as we develop new coping skills. As a therapist, I provide a safe and confidential environment where you can explore the thoughts, feelings and associated behaviors that have created the difficult circumstances from which you seek relief.

Therapy is also a collaborative relationship. Each person’s experience in counseling will be different and unique to their particular challenges. Whether you need a new and different perspective or have an identifiable challenge, counseling is a way to learn new skills and experience personal growth in the process. If you are in crisis now, know that my top priority will be to guide you out of crisis and help you get connected to the resources you need. I start where you are.

Recovery is possible. I encourage you to take the next step; call me to talk about what we could achieve for you in therapy.

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Kristine Zimmerman